Maintenance of Infrastructure:

The college has campus maintenance committee with convener and four to five members to supervise all the maintenance and repair activities physical infrastructure of the college.
The college engages contractors and workers for major maintenance and repairs of building renovation etc.
An electrician is engaged for taking care of the electricity work of the college .
The college was sanctioned IMF scheme during X I plan period of UGC.
An amount of Rs. 5,25,000/- was released under the scheme. A technician is being appointed with a salary of Rs.8000/- pm to maintain the costly equipment.
Maintenance of some infrastructure facilities is outsourced under Annual maintenance contract. Lab equipment maintenance, service and repair is supervised by the HODs.
Annual stock verification committees recommend the articles for repair/condemnation.
Senior lecturers are appointed as incharge of different blocks for maintaining cleanliness, identifying repairs and attending on them.
Team of workers headed by a supervisor take care of day to day maintenance of college buildings and campus.
Lab attendants and technical staff look after lab instruments and audio visual equipment etc.,
There are 02 gardeners, 2 sweepers, one electrician and 1 mechanic to maintain the infrastructure.
Computer maintenance :- Team of computer experts regularly look after computer maintenance/formatting etc.
Internet connectivity is maintained by BSNL technical experts.

Library maintenance:

Pest Control measures are undertaken by placing naphtlene balls and spraying some insecticides.
Vacume Cleaner is employed to remove dust.
Binding of Books and periodicals from time to time.

Infrastracture Optimally Used:

The college building is utilized for conducting govt. level examination like APPSC, Bank Exams, University Distance Exams etc., on Sundays & holidays. In the morning & evening class rooms are utilized for conducting UGC sponsored COP courses & IGNOU convergence scheme courses etc. computer labs are also used by SDE students Government exams, training for other departments etc. sometimes sports ground is rented out on Sunday for private meetings, sports events of other institution to generate funds for the development of the institution. Thus the infrastructure is optimally and judiciously utilized.

Mechanism for maintenance of computer, other network facilities, Library and information facilities:

The expenditure for the maintenance of computers, other network facilities and library facilities is met from special fee funds, funds released by state government .Besides this the Librarian collects some amount towards overdue and for reprographic facility from students which is utilized for maintenance of Library.
The college was sanctioned for INSTRUMENTATION MAINTENANCE FACILITY in one of the UGC schemes during XI plan period. An amount of Rs. 4.00 Lakhs as non recurring expenditure and an amount of 2.45 Lakhs as recurring expenditure was sanctioned. Computer hardware and software technicians for proper installation and maintenance of computers and e- governance system will be appointed as per UGC guidelines.