Anti Ragging


Present : Dr.C.Krishna , M.Sc, Tech., M.I.S.T.E., N.E.T., Ph.D.,                  

Rc.No.HE/PRGC/KKD/Anti Ragging-2017-18,                                                                            Dated.10-07-2017.


                            Sub  : -  HE Dept. – Prevention and Prohibition of Ragging – in P.R Govt. College

                                         (Autonomous), Kakinada Constitution of committee – Orders - Issued.

                             Ref  : - Memo.No.755/Admn I-3/006 Dt.5.9.2016 of Commissioner of Collegiate                         

                                         Education, Andhra Pradesh,  Hyderabad.



                                          In obedience to the Memo cited above, The Principal, P.R.Govt.College (Autonomous), Kakinada is here by constituted the Anti Ragging Committee in the college for this Academic year Prevent the Ragging in  the P R Government College(Autonomous), Kakinada, East Godavari District.

Chairman                                                           : Dr. C. Krishna, Principal,

Convener                                                           : Sri. K. Ammanna Chowdary , Physical Director,

Member   from  Police Dept.                         : Sri Damodhar, IPS , Addl.Superintendent of Police.

Member   from Judiciary                                : Sri P.Srinivas , Advocate,

Members   from College                                 : Sri T.Vara Prasad.  Vice Principal,

                                                                               Dr.V.Anantha Lakshmi, Lecturer in Mathematics,

                                                                               Dr.J.Panduranga Rao, Lecturer in Commerce.                                                                        

                                                                               Dr.K.Subhashni,Lecturer in Economics.                                                                               

Student Members:-                                             K.K.Smanikanta, Ist B.Sc, Food Science,

                                                                              G.Harishita. Ist B.Sc,  Food Science,

                                                                              A.Sravanidevi, Ist B.Sc, Micro Biology  (EM),

                                                                              D.Rajesh, Ist B.Sc, BZC (TM),

                                                                              S.Neelima Santhoshi, Ist B.Sc, BZC (TM),

                                                                              P.Kalyan, Ist B.Com CECS.

                                                                              P.Madhuri, Ist B.Com CECS.

                                                                              T.Harish, Ist B.A. (HEP TM),

                                                                              K.Venkata Lakshmi, Ist B.A. (HEP TM),

                                                                              S.Srinivasarao, Ist B.A. (HEP) EM,

                                                                              P.Vedaramya,Ist B.Sc, (HEP), EM,

                                                                              A.Sravani Devi, Ist B.Sc, Microbiology

                                                                              M.A.Raju, Ist B.Sc, MPC (TM)

                                                                              B.Bhanu Supriya, Ist B.Sc, M.P. (Ele),

                                                                              Y.Sai Krishna Uttej, Ist B.Sc, M.P. (Ele),

                                                                             P.Manikanta, Ist B.Sc, (MSAS)

                                                                              M.R.Ch.V.K.Sivani, Ist B.Sc, (MSCS),


Copy to the R.J.D.C.E. Rajamahendravaram.                                                                                                           PRINCIPAL,

Copy to the All above members.