College Planning and Development Council (CPDC): 2021—22


In view of the changed scenario in the field of Collegiate Education and consequent diversification and sophistication of courses, involvement of local community, resources and experts have become necessary in the running and development of Colleges in the State. College Planning & Development Councils were established for all Govt. Colleges in the State in 2000-01.


  • To create suitable environment for community participation in the college development
  • To create a mechanism for mobilizing public contribution.
  • To help in creating the right climate for academic, cultural, social and service oriented activities for the benefit of students as well as for the community.


  • To generate separate CPDC funds (from donations/ contributions etc.,) and to utilize the funds solely for the furtherance of the objectives of the CPDC.
  • To prepare a detailed plan, with annual budgetary allocations for college development and to execute development programmes.
  • To support construction of buildings, development of infrastructure, purchase of equipment, development of campus, building and other facilities.
  • To support the college in getting consultancy services for modern restructured vocational courses etc., in designing, teaching, equipping, training, funding etc., and strengthening them.
  • To arrange extension programmes for the local community for mutual benefit.
  • To discuss and approve expenditure proposals of all categories made by the college.

Composition of CPDC Committee

1   Dr. B V Tirupanyam  Principal Precident
2   Sri. V Ramakrishna  Philanthropist Secretary
3   Sri. U V V B Krishna Prasad   Convener
4   Prof D L Sastry  Retd. Professor Educationist
5   Dr. B. Ramesh Babu  Founder & MD Boga R  Laboratories Industrialist
6   Sri P V Krishna Rao  Lec. In-Charge English Member
7   Dr. V Narasimha Swami  Lec. In-Charge History Member
8   Smt. K Malleswaramma  Lec. in History Member
9   Sri D Raju  Parent Member
10   Sri K Venkataramana  Parent Member
11   Sri M Apparao  Parent Member
12   Kum. P Harshita  III B.Sc (CBZ) Student Member
13   Ch. Manikanta  II B.A. Student Member