Other Facilities

Hostel facility:

At present, the college is not providing hostel facility in its campus. However, students reside in government run social welfare hostels. The scholarship due to them is paid to the hostel warden. Women’s hostel is under construction with the UGC assistance (80 Lakhs) which is expected to be completed soon.

Hostels for women students:

At present, the college is not providing hostel facility to women students in its campus. However, women students are residing in social welfare hostels being run by the state Government. As said before the women’s hostel is under construction.

More Details about Hostels:

Most of the students commute from near by villages. Students hailing from far off places prefer to stay in hostel. Accommodation is being provided for the needy students in government run hostels and the strength of the students is as follows:


Ist year

IInd year

IIIrd year


ST Boys





ST Girls





SC Boys















Facilities provided in the hostel:

All the facilities required for a student are provided in the hostel under the supervision of social welfare department. Recreational, sports, health room etc. are provided with congenial atmosphere.



Canteen facility

The canteen facility is available in college campus. Tea, biscuits cool drinks etc. are served at reasonable rates. A separate committee is constituted for supervising the activities of the canteen.

Student Centre:

Even though a specific centre is not existing, yet the student welfare activities are attended by the committee constituted for the purpose. Other leisure time facilities & reading room facilities are available in the campus.

Placement Centre

The institution has a career guidance cum placement cell that liaisons with industry and corporate sector. JKC trains the students on soft skills, Community skills, Arithmetic skills and Computer skills. The college has started the special training programme to help students entry in to services like Railways, Banks, Corporate sector etc. career counselling cell takes care of placement opportunities to marginalized sections of society. Coaching is also provided for students attending national eligibility test (NET) with UGC assistance. The placement officer maintains database of students and coordinate with local & nearby industries for employment.

Students trained in JKC got placements as detailed below:

S.No FIRM CATEGORY 2007-09 2009-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 (Till Date) Grand Total
1 IT & ITES 127 93 28 26 41 14 329
2 BANKING & INSURANCE 44 29 4 3 31 6 117
3 PHARMACY 9 85 16 14 19 25 168
4 MARKETING 5 67 1 1 0 3 77
5 SERVICE ORGANIZATION 14 86 37 48 21 6 212
6 ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS 102 97 95 66 51 0 411
  TOTAL 301 457 181 158 163 54 1314

Physical and infrastructure facilities available for the sports and physical education centre:

The physical directors of the college motivate students towards participation in games and sports. There are provisions for cricket, ball-badminton, long jump and track events. Proposals are being sent for sports and games infrastructure development scheme of UGC for the improvement of facilities and to motivate the students


Name of the Item


Number available






Multi Gym

(9 stations)

4-weights positions

i) Sitting-latties

ii) seating leg press

iii)Leg extension

iv) Floor – roving



Multi –gym

(9 station unit)

4 fitness position

i) 9 stalion unit

ii) Abdomen Bemen

iii) Sitting twister

iv) standing twister



Orbit bike with


. -











Cycle-G 202




Cycle -303-CMP











Workshop / instrumentation centre & physical facilities available in the centre:

The physics department has workshop. The laboratory assistants can attend minor repairs of the equipment.

Instrumentation Centre:

The institution has a instrumentation centre where instruments such as PH meter, spectrophotometer, D.O.meter, conductivity meter, hot plate with magnetic sturrer, cooling DNA centrifuge. Other instruments such as U.V.Spectrophotometer, Air pollution monitor, potentiometer, polarimeter, chromatography columns, suction pumps, incubator, etc are available. Instruments with significance for research which include Bomb calorimeter, Total carbon analyzer, infrared spectrometer, atomic absorption spectrometer and ion analyzer are proposed to be added to the existing available infrastructural facilities.

Other infrastructure facilities like conference rooms, common rooms, staff rooms, auditorium, parking sheds etc., are available in the college:

  • An air conditioned conference hall is available adjacent to the principal’s office.
  • An air conditioned audio visual room is existing.
  • A Common room for girls, staff rooms for individual depts. are available.
  • An open air auditorium for conduct of college events and alumni meet is available.
  • Separate parking sheds for men & women students
  • Parking facility for staff vehicles.
  • Cooperative stores registered under cooperative societies act of government functioning in the campus. It provides note books, records at concession rates.
  • Telephone facility: Coin phone facility is provided in the campus for the students to have easy access to their parents.
  • Air conditioned, well furnished guest room with attached toilet facility.
  • Staff rooms: Each department has staff rooms with fans, lights, tables, chairs ,cupboards/almirahs and some departments with attached toilets. All departments have computers with broad band internet connection.

The communication facilities (Telephone, STD, ISD) available on campus:

  • The college has telephone facility. All the departments are connected by intercom facility.
  • Coin box facility for the students at nodal place.
  • Notice boards at each departments and support services.

Transport, Electricity and water supply facilities:

  • The college has a separate HT transformer for power supply
  • Adequate municipal tap connections for drinking water, over head tanks for each block to pump ground water are available. Cool water points are also provided.
  • Students commuting from near by villages are given confessional fare facility by the APS RTC.

The nature of landscape developed including approach roads, garden etc. to contribute to ambience.:

P.R.Govt. College(A) is rich in terms of greenery in the campus. Approach roads with avenue trees and with adequate lighting are available. Botanical gardens, with various species of importance. All the greenery contributes to the ambience of the campus. Each block is named and directions are given to class rooms, and an overall campus plan is available at a nodal place.

Facilities available for differently abled students:

  • The laboratory sessions for differently abled students are arranged in the ground floor
  • During examinations, special arrangements are made to accommodate the differently abled students in the ground floor.
  • Visually handicapped students are helped by other students to enter the class room.
  • The college has two visually handicapped lecturers who carry out their work in their own way without causing any inconvenience to students. Students help them in all aspects. They accompany them to their home after class work. .
  • The college was granted special assistance to purchase software called JAWS & KURZWEL for visually handicapped under UGC merged schemes.
  • Special ramps and toilets are being planned for other handicapped persons.

Research centre:

The P.G. Department of chemistry applied for recognition as research centre. The necessary fee was paid and the recognition is awaited

Instrumentation centre:

Established in 2008 It caters to the needs of staff and students of the college in providing better facilities for research and extension activities. The centre has sophisticated equipment and some more will be added in CPE budget.

Net work Resource centre:

Established in 2009 with UGC assistance, dust free, air conditioned etc. It has 30 computers with internet connectivity.

Mana TV learning centre:

The college is ventured into the redeem of e- learning and introduced remote learning NET working system and technologically enabled virtual class rooms in the campus in the year 2002. The technology was promoted by APTS which set up an exclusive VSAT terminal in the college campus installed Government of A.P. It is the operational technology used by other educational institutions of AP today.

Computer Centre:

It is non-profit computer centre in the department of computer science with the aim of providing quality computer education to the students. The centre is equipped with 40 computers with broad band internet connection.

Seminar Hall:

Seminar hall is airconditioned having seating capacity of 300 chairs equipped with LCD,audio equipment to convene meeting and discussions.

Open air auditorium:

Open air auditorium is used to stage events of student related co-curricular activities and other institutional programmes throughout the year.

Co-Curricular activities

The college has a central library with 68,000 books. Separate reference section and reading room are available.
Air conditioned e-class room with a carpet area of about 1200 sq.ft provides ambience for the conduct of seminars, and ICT related activities.
Sports games and gym facility motivate the players. A well laid courts spreads in 5 acres land to conduct various games.

General computer education

There are four computer labs with 110 systems exclusively for conducting practical training. However there are other laboratories viz., Jawahar knowledge centre, English language lab, IGNOU convergence centre lab, separate Electronics lab for computer aided practicals. There are a total of 274 computers available in the college in which 112 systems are connected by broad band internet service.

Ladies waiting hall:-

Located in the 1st floor of administrative building facilitated with attached toilets, water cooler and some magazines for leisure time facilities.
1. Well furnished Guest Room with a/c facilities
2. Conference hall for conducting GB/AC/Staff council meetings with a seating capacity of 30 with U-table.
3. E-class room is about 1500 sq.ft is air conditioned. In which MANA TV classes also run by Govt of A.P. to enrich the student curriculum. It is the platform for workshop /seminars/cultural programs arranged by the college.
4. Binding section being run since 60 years. It caters to the need of students and college for binding various volumes/records of office, library and sells student records, ID cards and takes up small printing work for the college. The section is equipped with necessary machinery.