Right to Information Act 2005:

The right to information act of 2005 has overnight turned the entire administration in India from Gram Panchayat to the Chief Secretary in to open-book. Anyone can seek any information from the public information officer on any subject relating to the administration and secure it or no cost. The applicant nee not disclose as to how he is interested in the information nor is he required to state the purpose for which the information is required or the purpose for which the information sought for shall be in the affairs of the State and shall not relate to the matters of common knowledge.
The purpose and intendment of the Right to information Act is clear. Knowledge being the strength, and a well informed and intelligent public opinion being the foundation for successful functioning popular democracy, it is hoped that this Act will also discipline all the voluntary movements aimed at streamlining the administration to the public good.

I am happy to introduce this well conceived legislation and request the reads to use the benefits under this Act to their best advantage.