About NCC

                                                  History  & AIMs of NCC

NCC Came into existence on 16th April 1948 through the XXXI Act of Parliament . Air Wing in NCC  was raised in 01 April 1950.


                                                     AIMS of NCC

i)     To develop Character, Comradeship, Discipline, Secular Outlook, Spirit of Adventure, Sportsmanship, Ideals of Selfless service among the youth of the country.

ii)    To create human resource of Organized, trained , and motivated    youth.

iii)To provide suitable environment to motivate youth to take up a career in the Armed Forces

                                                 ABOUT OUR COLLEGE

Our College has 2 wings of NCC i.e. Naval wing & Air wing

AIR WING was raised in the year 1974 in our College.

In the beginning , there were 15 to 20 cadets . Now the  Cadets Strength has increased to 96.

Almost 50% of the Total Vacancies are allotted to our College due to  the dedication, Hard work & commitment  shown by our Cadets.

Many of the Cadets were Participated in RDC Camps, AIVSC Camps, VSC IGC Camps and ATC Camps

Our College has adopted several community development activities with the aim of imbibing the selfless service to the community, dignity of labour, importance of self help, need to protect the environment. These activities consists of

 Awareness Rallies on Various Issues ,

 Tree plantation,

 Orphanage Visit,

Blood donation,

Visit to Old Age Homes,

Swatch Bharat , village uplift and various other social schemes