Completed research projects undertaken by the College faculty in the last four years

S.No. Title of the completed Project Dept. & Principal Investigator Gant utilized (Rs.)
1 MRP-4506/14(SERO/UGC) March-2014- Bathynellacean Biodiversity of Subterranean waters of A.P. with an emphasis on systematic, phylogeny and biogeography” Zoology - Dr. B. Elia 4,30,286/-
2 MRP-4509/14 (SERO/UGC), March-2014 : “A study of digital banking facilities with reference to Kakinada in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh” Commerce - Dr. Ch. Ramakrishna, 1,30,000/-
3 MRP-4510/14 (SERO/UGC), March-2014: “Synthesis and characterization of Sb5+ and Mo6+ substituted nano-lithium ferrites by sol-gel auto combustion method for memory devises and super-conducting state sintered at different temperatures” Physics - Dr.M.V.K. Mehar 3,80,000/-
4 MRP-4507/14/SERO/UGC, Mar-2014- “Existence of fixed points and coupled fixed points in metric spaces and partially ordered metric spaces”  Mathematics - Dr. P. Subhashini 3,50,000/-
5 MRP-4508/14/SERO/UGC, Mar-2014 Com Code APAN 015 –“Assessment of heavy metal pollution in ground water, surface water and soil of selected land fill sites of Kakinada city” Chemistry - Dr. M. M. Pacha 4,40,000/-
6 MRP-4157/12/(Link No.4157) (P.No.184/ MRP/ 12) SERO/ UGC, October-2013 – “Pre concentration and cloud point extraction of some anti-hypertensive drugs from aqueous dilute solutions with special reference to biofluids” Chemistry - Sri V. Mallikarjuna Sarma, 1,00,000/-
7 UGC – SERO Vide file No. 1/10, “Trace metals in Ambient Air of Industrial and Commercial zones of Kakinada City” during 2010-2012 Chemistry - Dr. M. M Pacha Rs. 0.65 Lacs
8 MRP-2767/UGC-SERO, February, 2009 – Assessment of ground water quality for applications and health impacts in East Godavari District” Chemistry – Sri D. Rama Rao Rs.80,000/-
9 DAE- BRNC Project No.2013/36/18- BRNS Major project - Impact Analysis – Soil and Water Analysis at Nuclear Power Plant site at Kovvada Chemistry – Sri D. Rama Rao Rs.41,46,300/-

On going major/minor research projects

S.NO Name of the PI File no and date of commencement Duration and having time upto Total amount allotted Amount spent (Rs.)
1 Dr. M. Usha Rani, P.I. &
Mentor : Dr. A. Srinivasa Rao
DST / Disha / SoRF-PM / 057 / 2013 / G, Govt. of India, Dept. of Sci. & Tech. (Women Scientist Project) – Commenced in 2016. 2016-2018 17,49,000/-
2 Dr. A. Srinivasa Rao APMAP, GoAP 2016 4,00,000/-
3 Dr. P. Hariram Prasad Letter no 67/ARC/MRP/2015-16 dated 17-06-2015. 2015 to 2017 2,45,000/- 90,000/-