15th National Statistics Day Online Celebrations 2021 (at National Level) organized by Departments of Mathematics & Statistics

Event Date : 29/06/2021

15th National Statistics Day Online Celebrations 2021

                                15th National Statistics Day is celebrated on the occasion of 128th birth day of Prof. Prashanth Chandra Mahalanobis by the Departments of Mathematics & Statistics through online (Google Meet) on 29-06-2021 with permission of the Principal & RJDCCE-Zone-I&II Dr. C. Krishna Garu. Dr. Sk. Sajana, Lecturer in charge, Department of Mathematics has given welcome address on the objectives of arranging this programme and the events conducted on this occasion.   Dr. T.K.V. Srinivasa Rao, Vice-Principal, P.R. Government College addressed the students about numbers that played an important role in our daily life which are related to mathematics and few words about Mahalanobis and also Importance of statistics and analysis which plays in every field of present world. Dr. P. Hari Ram Prasad has given a message on role of statistics and congratulated the Statistics Students for their active participation. This programme was initiated and organized by Sri. K. Ashok, Lecture In-charge, dept. of Statistics. The theme of the day is “SDG2: Zero Hunger” that declared by MOSPI, Govt. Of India. IQAC co-ordinator.

                         Sri. E. Ramesh, Sr. Statistical Officer, Office In-charge, NSO, Kakinada is invited as chief guest for this programme. Smt. C. Chinnamamba, Lecturer in Statistics introduced the chief guest.  E. Ramesh Garu enlightened the students about Prof. Mahalanobis and his contribution in the development of statistics and also in planning commission. He also explained the role of statistics in ministry of statistics and programming implementation. Further explained the role and duties of National Statistics Commission and the process of SDG2 across the world. Finally concluded with job opportunities for statistics students.  K.B.V Propoorna, II MSCs and K. Bhagya Sri, III MSAs gave a speech about the importance of National Statistics Day and theme.

                        On this occasion Essay Writing, Quiz competitions were conducted national level on theme through online on 28-06-2021. Smt. S. Annapurna, Lecturer in Statistics announced the statistics of participants in the events and list of toppers. 197 students are registered across India and 106 students actively participated in the events from PR Government College(A), Aditya degree College(W) and co-education, Pragathi women’s degree college, GBR Degree College-Anaparthi, GDCA (W)-Guntur, KES College-Mumbai, Minerva Degree College-Pathipadu, Nishitha Degree and PG College-Nizamabad, Telangana, SRGDC-Punganur, SV University college of Sciences-Tirupathi, Vijayanm Degree & PG College-Chitoor. E-certificates sent to all participants and toppers. Feedback is taken from the participants. Sri. V. Syam Prasad, lecturer in statistics proposed vote of thanks. Faculty from department of mathematics LSBR Bhanu, V.Hari Priya, PVVS Maha Lakshmi, A. Geetha Sowjanya, M. Ramya Krishna, V. Janaki Lakshmi and N. Sri Satya Naga Devi are involved in the programme.    65 students, 15 faculty members and 4 members from NSO Office are participated in the programme.

Events Conducted – List of Toppers:

1. Essay Writing (through Mail):

    Date of Event : 28-06-2021

   No. of Students registered: 88

   No. of Students participated in time: 49

      1st Place : R. Surekha, III BSc MSCs,  Pragathi Women’s Degree College, Samalkot

     2nd Place : K. Uadaya Sree, II B.Sc MSCs, Vijayam Degree and PG College, Chittoor

     3rd Place : K. Atchyutha, III B.Sc MSCs, PR Govt. College(A), Kakinada

2. Quiz (through Google Forms):

    Date of Event : 28-06-2021

   No. of Students registered: 109

   No. of Students participated in time: 57

      1st Place : T. Moulika, III BSc MSCs, Government Degree College for Women(A), Guntur

     2nd Place : Md. Jafreen, I BSc MSCs, PR Govt College(A), Kakinada

                       K. Lakshmi Saranya, II BSc MSAs, PR Govt CollegeA), Kakinada

                    S. Sai Vineela, II BSc MSCs, PR Govt CollegeA), Kakinada

                     M. Supriya, II B.Sc, GBR Govt Degree College, Anaparthi

                     V. Ratnanjali, I B.Sc MSCs, PR Govt College(A), Kakinada

                    M. Sravana Ramya, III B.Sc MSCs, PR Govt College(A), Kakinada

     3rd  Place : M. Sindhuja, I B.Sc MSCs, Nishitha Degree College, Nizamabad

                     K. Gangadhar, I B.Sc MSAs, PR Govt College(A), Kakinada

                     D. Satish, I B.Sc MSCs, PR Govt College(A), Kakinada

                    P. Murali, I B.Sc MSAs, PR Govt College(A), Kakinada