Event Date : 01/06/2018

Co – ordinators: Dr. J. Pandu Rangarao , Program Coordinator &Head
Department of Commerce
Dr. T.K.V. Sreenivasa Rao, Head the Department of English
Dr. P. Hariram Prasad, Head the Department of Hindi
Sri. Ch. Balaji, Lecturer in Commerce (Contract)
Sri. T. Venkateswarao, Lecturer in Zoology (Contract)
5th Round Janmabhoomi- Maa Vooru (JBMV) Programme Introduction “Janmabhoomi – Maa Vooru” (JBMV). The Government of Andhra Pradesh has launched a people centred development and welfare outreach programme called “Janmabhoomi – Maa Vooru” in the month of October, 2014 and has since conducted four rounds of Janmabhoomi Programme. The first four rounds were conducted from 2ndto 20th October, 2014, from 3rd to 7th June, 2015, 2nd to 11th January, 2016 and 2nd to 11th January, 2017. The 4thround of Janmabhoomi was conducted with main focus to accelerate sustainable and inclusive development of all sections of the society. The 5th Round of Janmabhoomi Maa Vooru (JBMV) programme will be conducted from 2ndto 11th January, 2018 in all GPs/wards in the state. Thrust areas of the 5th round JBMV programme -The state government has taken up an integrated approach towards development and welfare for saturation of certain assurances at village and family level i.e. Kutumba Vikasam –15 assurance to each family and Samaja Vikasam –10 assurance for providing basic facilities in each village. Samaja Vikasam - The State Government has taken up saturation approach under Samaja Vikasam by assuring to provide 10 types of basic facilities in each village. These include – Access to Quality Education for All, Health Security, Agriculture and Allied Development, Industrial Development, Service Sector Development, 24 X 7 Power Supply, Roads and Infrastructure Development, Information and Technology, Citizen Services, Inclusive Development. The status report for last three years shall be presented and discussed. Kutumba Vikasam - The State Government has taken up saturation approach under the Kutumba Vikasam assuring 15 types of social and economic securities to each family. These include Social Security, Nutrition Security, Insurance Security, Electricity Security, Health Security, Gas Security (Deepam), Water Security, Housing Security, Sanitation Security, Education
Security, Fodder Security, Employment Security, Information (Fibre net) Security, Individual Security, Livelihood (Income Security) for all. The status report for last three years on each security along with beneficiaries shall be presented and discussed. Sustainable Development Goals and Vision 2022, 2029 and 2050 - The Government of Andhra Pradesh strives to create a happy society, relieved of modern day stress and proud of its rich cultural heritage and its achievements. The Government is also committed to achieve the double digit growth with sustainable development in Agriculture and Allied 2 Sector, Industry Sector and Services Sector. The state government has aligned its development and welfare agenda to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) framework for global benchmarking while taking actions at gram Panchayat /village levels through Kutumba Vikasam and Samaja Vikasam. The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh has decided in this round of Janmabhoomi programme to focus on village ward development essentially centering around nine (9) important themes. And the village/ward profile for the theme should have the following contents: ï‚· Last three years significant achievements (year-wise) on all the Govt., schemes being implemented by the department. ï‚· Major Challenges. ï‚· Key Issues. ï‚· Gaps identified. ï‚· Vision targets. ï‚· 5th Round JBMV ï‚· (2nd to 11th January, 2018) ï‚· TELUGU TAGLINES FOR THEMES
Welfare Schemes
ఆరోగ్యం- ఆనందం
Swachhandhra -ODF/ODF+ Action Plan
Village Infrastructure
మౌలిక సదుపాయాలు
Natural Resources, Water Budget, Irrigation & Green cover status
సహజ వనరులు- అభివృద్ధి
Primary Sector (Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries)
వయవసాయం- అనుబంరరంగాలఅభివృద్ధి
Technology for Good Governance
సురరిపాలన- టెకాాలజీ వినియోగ్ం
Vision & Village Economic Development Plan including action plan for Inclusive growth to ensure earning of Rs. 10000/- per month for each household & Vision 2022, 2029 and 2050
విజన్ సవర్ణంధ్రధ్రదేశ్- పేదరికంపై గెలుపు
Fostering Happiness (Cultural Programs, Competitions etc.)- Award Distribution.
ï‚· ï‚· P. R. Government College in 5thRound Janmabhoomi- Maa Vooru (JBMV) Programme
ï‚· We have pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of the reputed Government College catering the educational needs both at UG and PG level in and around Kakinada. We are offering B.Com, M.Com, B.Sc, M.Sc, B.A, B.Voc, Actuarial Science courses. We may add that our college has been accredited at ‘A’ Level by the NAAC, Banglore with 3.17 CGPA.
ï‚· The college always takes lead in the social services such as Blood donation camps, Educational and Health related rallies through its NSS, NCC, HEALTH CLUB, ALUMNI ASSOCIATION and take lead part in all other government and social extension activities. In recognition of its overwhelming contribution to society for the past 134 years, the college
has recently been accredited “A” grade with 3.17 CGPA by NAAC, Banglore.
ï‚· In 5th Phase of Janma Bhoomi Mavooru Prorgram, the college has taken five villages i.e.
ï‚· Here the members and co-ordinator submitting the report at SARPAVARAM village. The following Lecturers of the college were deputed as team members to do service for the programme at Sarpavaram village of Kakinada rural Mandal.
ï‚· Co – ordinators
ï‚· Dr. J. Pandu Rangarao , Program Coordinator &Head the
ï‚· Department of Commerce
ï‚· Dr. T.K.V. Sreenivasa Rao, Head the Department of English
ï‚· Dr. P. Hariram Prasad, Head the Department of Hindi
ï‚· Sri. Ch. Balaji, Lecturer in Commerce (Contract)
ï‚· Sri. T. Venkateswarao, Lecturer in Zoology (Contract)
ï‚· The team visited Sarpavaram village during 2-11 January, 2018 and participated actively in all the activities. They took the assistance of the teachers and students of Z. P. High School, sarpavaram for conducting the programmes. The Village Panchayat Secretary, Sri. D. Prasada Rao, Local MPP Mr & Mrs Pulla Sudha Chandu co-operated with us to complete the program with fruitful results.
ï‚· DAY – 1 (DATE: 02.01.2018)
All members met village Panchayath Secretary, took profile of the village and discussed major problems and needs of the people in the village. We met Smt Pulla Sudha Chandu, MPP to make planning for ten days program. A group of students actively participated and conducted a survey in the village to create awareness about 5TH Phase JBMV-2018 program.
The group of students and staff enquire about reach of welfare schemes to public. This village is getting all government benefits and people expressed happiness.
All coordinaters, were divided into four groups with set of students and conducted survey in the village, i.e. Sarpavaram and enquired about various government schemes like: Chandranna Bheema, Paavla Vaddi, 108 & 104 Health services, workingness of Anganwaadies etc.,
DAY TWO - THEME (HEALTH) 03-01-2018
On Day Two Grama Sabha was conducted in this village. First Janma Bhoomi Oath was taken by all people and official. In this program, I/C MDO Smt. Bhavani preside over the meeting and Rural MLA Smt. Pilli Anantha Lakshmi Satyanarayana attended as chief guest along with other government officials. Our college Principal Dr. C. Krishna explained importance of Janma Bhoomi and created awareness on main theme Health. A doctor from Government General Hospital explained how to avoid abuse Smoking, Alcohol etc.
Samuhika Seemanthalu, distribution of Pensions, household cards were done in the program. A Free medical camp was organized in association with Surya Global Hospital. A veterinary Health camp also organized for the betterment of cattle in the village. The photo gallery presented in the next page is a self explanatory for the day two activities.
DAY THREE – Swatchandra – ODF / = Action Plan- 04-01-2018
A ralley was organized in the village with the help of APBCSWR Students to create awareness among villagers. We motivated them to quit Open Defecation. First we collected data from PS and implemented action plan and try to identify the houses without personal toilets. We also had
talk with villagers to use them properly if they have. Dr. T.K.V. Srinivasarao, explained about ODF and its origin.
Entire Education profile was collected and submitted to our principal. The data relating to No. of students went for higher studies became little bit tough. However, our group of students met many people and strives to identify the school and college dropouts. STUDENTS sat as replica of words: VIDYA VIKASAM. The Principal briefly explained the use of digital class rooms, virtual class rooms and biometric attendance (IAMS) and other technological developments in secondary, higher secondary, Technical and college education systems. The team also participated in the huge rally by P. R. GoverCollege.
First the group of students and staff met village secretary and collected Infrastructure available in Sarpavaram village. This village mainly supplies Mango Jelly. It is also major supplier of flowers. Other amenities were also mentioned in the report. Later our students collected information about infrastructure available in Sarpavarm village like Mee Seva Centres, Hospital Facility, PMKVY, No. of Anganwadies etc.
DAY – 6 (DATE: 07.01.2018)
THEME: Natural Resources, Water Budget, Irrigation & Green cover status
On Day Six 5 K Run was conducted in Kakinada Town, Rural and Urban MLAs, East Godavari District Collector, Circle Inspectors, Sub – Inspectors, our college Principal and Vice – Principal, other faculty and students participated actively. Collected data from Panchayathi regarding above theme.
DAY SEVEN – PRIMARY SECTOR (Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries)
Met many farmers and farm labourers to discuss many things like “ RUNA MAAFI” insurance facilities, Veterinary Hospitals, Crop Loans, Supporting price for paddy, availability of seeds etc.,
Also went to Kakinada coastal area to listen about fishing and problems of fisher women community and reach of government policies to them.
DAY – 8 (DATE: 09.01.2018)
THEME: Technology for Good Governance
On this day a group of students and co-ordinaters were sent for Beach and Harbour areas to discuss about all kinds of government facilities to “Ganga Puthras” . We noticed some problems regarding Houses, and personal toilets. They are feeling insecurity of loose of that place due to encroachments by corporate like Ports, GMR, etc.
THEME: Vision & Village Economic Development Plan including action plan for Inclusive growth to ensure earning of Rs. 10000/- per month for each household & Vision 2022, 2029 and 2050
Date was collected from Panchayath and met resources particularly economic resources and small industries like brick workers, Auto Walas, small Kaka Hotels, Band Boxes, other commercial shops. Sarpavaram village is the main supplier of all Kinds of Flowers and main importer of Banglore Flowers. This village supplies many kinds of Vegetables to Kakinada Raithu Bazars.
DAY TEN: Fostering Happiness – Culture Programmes, Competitions etc: Awards Distribution:
On Day ten many cultural events were conducted like : Musical Chair, Kabadi for women, Rangoli competition, Ring Play, and other internal games for their happiness. For all participants irrespective of the result prizes, and memantos were given to them by Rural MLA Smt. Pilli Anantha Lakshmi & MPP. With the association of Pulla Chandra Rao Memorial Trust.