Competitions on On the occasion of “12th National Statistics Day”

Event Date : 25/06/2018

On the occasion of  “12th  National Statistics Day” the following events are conducted on 25-06-2018  in the department of Mathematics & Statistics .Nearly 60 students of various colleges are participated in the events.

 Winners of the events are :

  • PPT on “Quality Assurance In Official Statistics”:

            1st  place :S. Monica(III BSc ) ,P.R.G.C, Kakinada

           2nd place :R.Sruthi & M.Sudha Chandra (III BSc), Adithya (W) college, Kakinada

  • Poster Presentation:

            1st  place : P.Alekya(II BSc ) Adithya (W)  College, Kakinada     

            2nd place :K.Bhagyasri & S.Swarna (I BSc) , P.R.G.C, Kakinada

  • Memory Game:

           1st  place : P.Alekya(III BSc ) Adithya (W)  College,   Kakinada                                           

           2nd place :K.Gangadhar (III BSc), P.R.G.C, Kakinada

  • Statistical Puzzle:

           1st  place : K.Alekya(II BSc ) Adithya (Co-ed) College,Kakinada

            2nd place :B.S.S.Krishna Bhasker (II BSc) , Adithya College,Kakinada

  • Real life Applications in Statistics:

           1st  place :S. Monica & P.Raga Chandrika(III BSc ) ,P.R.G.C, Kakinada

           2nd place : P.Alekya & P.Teja (III BSc) ,Adithya College,Kakinada