1. Students from Fine arts (Cultural, co-curricular and Extra-curricular) were participated in cultural activities like, quiz, elocution, painting ,quiz etc. which are conducted by Rotary lions club dated on 15-09-2014

2. A meeting conducted  with principal for  the syllabi Preparation of LEATHERPUPPETSHOW and TAPPEDAGULLY. Experts from different places were participated like Shri I.Narasimhamurty, Kakinada, Shri Thota. Bala Krishna ( Expert in leather puppet show) Samalkota, Shri T.PavanKumar ( Expert in leather puppet show) Samalkota, Ms I.T.Tulasi (music for leather puppet show) Kkd,. Ms.G.Madhavilatha(Sr.fellow in leather puppet show),  Hyderabad.Koruprolu. GowriNidu,  Kkd,VASS SaradhaKumari,RamaRaopeta, Kkd, Acadamic Co-ordinator Shri E.V.Subrahamanyam,  and others.

3. As the resolution in GB meeting, on 31.10.2015 A notice circulated on the conductance of short term certificate course on  TAPPEDAGULLU and LEATHER PUPPET SHOW with good masters, regarding this 27 students were enrolled forTAPPEDAGULLU and 33 were enrolled for LEATHER PUPPET SHOW. FurtherIt is informed that A Two-day work shop  Will be conducted on TAPPEDAGULLU at SURYAKALAMANDIR at KAkinda   on 15, 16-11-2015.

4.  Students participated on behalf of cultural activies in OZONE DAY celebrations dated on  15/10/2014 which was conducted by Department of Chemistry.