•  Document delivery / circulation service
  •  Reference service
  •  Bibliographic search service
  •  Internet service
  •  Reprographic facility
  •  Newspaper clipping Display
  •  Information display and notification service



          Library Entry and services are restricted to only to the authorized members of the college with valid library ID cards. Other visitors need to take permission from the principal / library. Internet Access and               E- Resources are restricted only to authorized members (students / staff) of the college.

  • Members shall observe silence in the library / Reading Room / Refection section.
  • Don’t use cell phone in the library.
  • Members shall not engage in conversation in any part of the library so as to cause inconvenience to any other reader.
  • Members shall not smoke or spit in any part of the library.
  • Members shall not write upon; damage or mark any book belonging to the Library.
  • Members shall not shelve books and periodicals as that disturb the prescribed order.
  • Members are responsible for any damage caused by them to the books or any other property of the library and shall be required to pay the penalty imposed upon them by the Library authority.
  • The member Caught tearing pages / stealing of books will be suspended forth with from using library facilities and further disciplinary action will be initiated against them by the college.
  • Members shall not bring personal belongings. (including: Books, bags and  Printed materials) and  library books borrowed by them inside the library.
  • Books are required to be presented physically at the Counter for renewal.
  • Members are requested to collect the receipts for the over due paid.
  • Members leaving the library should stop at the exit so that the material borrowed or taken out of the library by them can be checked.
  • Every student should leave their chap pals at the entrance of the library.
  • While borrowing library books, members are expected to check the condition of the books. If any damage is noticed it must be reported at the issue counter immediately or else the last borrower will be held responsible for any damage noticed at the time of return the books.
  •  Borrowed books should be returned within 15 days as stamped on the due date slip. An overdue charge of Rs.1/- per book per day will be collected from the defaulter.
  • Defaulters will not allowed to borrow books unless they clear the over dues.
  • Journals will not be issued but can be read only in the Reading Room.
  • Presentation of the identity  card is compulsory for using library, Reference Section and Reading Room
  • The books in the reference section and archive section must be handled with care.
  • The reference books are to be used within the Reference Section.
  • All members must return the library books at least for 15 days or before the even semester

examinations. The student who failed to settle their library dues shall dealt accordingly.

  • Those students who wear the uniform only be allowed to enter the library.
  • The College authority reserves the right to suspended membership of any member found misbehaving

     library staff or behaving an indecent manner.