IQAC Committee for the academic year 2019-20

1. Chairperson : Dr. C. Krishna, Principal 9440093239
2. Member from administration section : Smt. Ch.S.S.A.V. Ramanamma,                  Administrative Officer 8179330261
      a.  Dr. T.K.V. Srinivasa Rao, Vice Principal 7981414513
3. Members from Teachers : b. Dr. Ch. Lalitha, Lecturer in charge,            Dept. of Philosophy 9866594053
c. Dr. K. Jyothi, Lecturer in charge,               Dept. of Physics 8919418677
d. Dr. MVK Mehar, Lecturer in Physics 9848406772
e. Dr. T. Vara Prasad,Lecturer in charge,       Dept. of Chemistry 9885339292
f. Dr. N. Srinivas, Lecturer in Zoology 9912760880
g. Dr. P. Hari Rama Prasad, Academic Coordinator 9440340057
h. Sri PVV Satyanarayana,  Lecturer in        charge, Dept. of political science 9493095488
i. Dr. K. Subhashini, Lecturer in Economics 9963778269
j. Dr. J. Panduranga Rao,  Assistant Academic Coordinator 9441069978
      k. Dr. Sk Sajana, Lecturer in Mathematics 8639585810
      l. Dr. V Narayana Rao,  Lecturer in Chemistry 9951465669
      m. Sri K. Ashok, Lecturer in Charge,            Dept of Statistics 9848505506
4. Nominees from local society, students and Alumni  : Dr. D.Ratnagiri Usha, Retired Principal,           ASD(W) College, Kakinada 9848318986
Sri K. Bhami Reddi, President,                     Alumni association 9246690909
5. Nominees from Employers/Industrialists/stakeholders : Sri Y.S.N. Murthy, Electrical Engineer 9440932342
6. Nominees from the students : a. D. Ashwini II B.Sc(MSCs)     
b. V. Lasya II BSc(Bio-Tech) 
c. D. Nani II BA(THP)
d. V. Swamy II B.Com (EM)
7. Co ordinator of the IQAC : V.Anantha Lakshmi, Lecturer in charge,       Dept. of Mathematics 9963786386