IQAC Committee for the academic year 2021-2022

1. Chairperson Dr. B V Tirupanyam, Principal 9177786215
  2. Member from administration section Smt. B Mangamma, Office Superintendent 9866528345
  3. Members from Teachers a.  Dr. V Narasimha Swami, Vice Principal 9491191635
b. Dr. D. Chenna Rao, Lecturer in Chemistry. 9560740108
c. Dr. J Pandu Ranga Rao, Lecturer in Commerce 9441069978
d. Dr. Ch. Praveen, Dept. of Chemistry 9491185518
e. Dr. P Kiran Kumar, Lecturer in Zoology 9494701772
f. Dr. B Elia,  Lecturer in Zoology 9441715670
g. Sri. G B V Padmanadh, Lecturer in Computer Science 9866604328
  4. Nominees from local society, students and Alumni  Dr. G Mutyala Rao, Retired Principal,GDC Nidadavole  
Sri K. Bhami Reddi, President, Alumni association 9246690909
   5. Nominees from Employers/Industrialists/stakeholders Sri Y.S.N. Murthy, Electrical Engineer 9440932342
  6. Nominees from the students a. D. Ashwini II B.Sc(MSCs)     
b. V. Lasya II BSc(Bio-Tech)   
c. D. Nani II BA(THP)  
d. V. Swamy II B.Com (EM)  
  7. Co ordinator of the IQAC

Dr. P. Hari Rama Prasad, Lecturer in charge,Dept. of Hindi and Academic Coordinator