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Department of Sanskrit

Department of Sanskrit

The Pitatpur Rajah’s college is a prestigious college and its centenary was celebrated in the year 1983.Even before the centenary celebrations the department of sanskrit has its existence with two faculty members and about four hundred and fifty students .Here sanskrit is being taught as a second launguage  .Avadhana Saraswathi Sri Perala Bhatatha Sharma was the head of the dept.At that time.

Famous orator  Pravachana Siromani Sree Bashyam  Appalacharyulu a great scholar in sanskrit was working as a second faculty member on 19-sept-1983.Then it was composite college,wih intermediate course.

From the academic year 2000-01 onwards autonomy was sanctioned to our college and Dr.Kalluri Avathara Sharma the in charge of the dept.

Accordingly the board of studies meets every year in the beginning of the academic standards.