About Department

Department of Statistics

Department of Statistics

Year of Establishment :

Statistics                                  -           2008

Actuarial Science                    -           2013.

No. of  UG Courses with Statistics Combination – 02

U. G. Courses:

Restructured Courses :

  1. MSCs(Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science)
  2. MSAs (Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science). 

Certificate Courses:

  • SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences)
  • Descriptive Statistics with R

Objectives of Department of Statistics:

  • To inspire knowledge across different areas in Statistics and Actuarial Science.
  • To impart knowledge on Statistical concepts like Data Collection, Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion, Probability and Distributions, Statistical Methods, Inference, Sampling methods, Experimental Designs, Economical and Vital  Statistics,  SQC, reliability and Operations Research.
  • To impart knowledge on Actuarial Science concepts like basics of Economics, Financial Accounting and Mathematics, Surviving models, life contingences, Business communication, Actuarial Statistics , Mortality and Insurance,
  • To equip our students with good quality to appear for competitive examinations.
  • To make the students to understand the needs of Statistics and Actuarial Science in Science, Technology and various industries like manufacturing, construction, insurance, IT, Pharmacy, etc.
  • To inculcate research atmosphere among students by assigning projects.
  • To provide learning environment by organizing industrial/field visits.
  • To conduct remedial classes to slow learners and assign research work to advance learners in collaboration with industries.
  • To organize guest lectures by inviting the resource persons from in and outside of universities for improving quality in education
  • To celebrate significant days like, National Statistics Day, Population Day, Science Day, etc

Facilities available in the department:

  • Books in the Departmental Library
  • Data Analytics Books                                                   : 25
  • Complementary copies and personal books                : 10
  • Computers  in the labs
  •  6 x 5 n-computing systems are in Statistics lab
  •  5 x 2 n-computing systems and 10 systems  in Data Analytics lab.
  • Lap Tops                    :01
  • Printer                        :01
  • LCD Projectors         : 01