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About the Department

About the Department

Pithapur Rajah’s College, Kakinada ranks among the earliest institutions of Higher Education in  South India. It is located in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. P. R. College was established in August, 1884 by Sri Rajah Rao Venkata Mahipathi, Gangadhara Rama Rao, Bahadur. First it was started as a middle school, and became a full fledged College.  This 130 year old institution  produced many stalwarts- Artists, Scientists, Educationists.  The College is conferred with NAAC A grade with 3.17 GPA in 2017.

P. R. College Campus with sprawling grounds of nearly 36 acres is situated in the prime location of the Smart City Kakinada.  Kakinada is the head quarters of East Godavari District and it is located in the north coast of Andhra Pradesh. The District is known as “The rice bowl of Andhra Pradesh”. The lush green field, thick mangroves, and the coconut trees of this “Konasema” district resembles Kerala.


East Godavari District, where this institute is located occupies a prominent place in the Andhra Pradesh Fisheries Map.  The district is endowed with rich marine, inland and brackish water fish resources, and contributing substantially to the GSDP (Gross State Domestic Product) of the State as well as generating income and employment.  

The district has a stretch of 161 km of coast line with 13 coastal mandals. There are about 99 fishermen villages on the coastline.  About 6755.754 hectares of inland area is under aquaculture out of which 4700 hectares is in brackish water and 2567 is under fresh water.   Nearly 3, 55,392 populations engaged in fishing activity on the coast line.  

There are 28 fish landing centres in East Godavari District and 45 shrimp hatcheries in private sector which are producing 1260 million post larvae annually.   There are 35 fish seed forms in public and private sectors, which produces 20 core fry annually.  

The area is in the prime nesting site for 80 % of the Marine fish, crabs and shrimp and also for notably the endangered leather back and olive-ridley turtles. Here 540 fin fish species were recorded.  This area serves as spawning ground for numerous fin fish and shell fish. 

The area supports a wide range of other faunal elements that include 6 species of whales.  Another important aspect of this district is there are three internationally reputed Shrimp Export processing units with a freezing capacity of 15 tonnes, and cold storage capacity of 40 tonnes.  In the vicinity of this Institute there are major National and state research, training and extension Institutes which are focusing on the skill development and improvisation of human resources in the fisheries sector.  

The course is designed such a way that the stake holder is fully acquitaned with the skill development, entrepreneurship to meet the emerging needs and challenges in the fisheries sector.  After the  bifurcation of the  Andhra Pradesh state foreign collaborative company i.e.,  C P  Group of Thailand,  is going  to establish various fisheries related industries in Post Harvesting Technology  related to the Prawn fishery, Mud crab fishery  and mullet fishery  in and around the East Godavari District,   obviously the  needy skilled human resource for these industries is the outcome  of this  course. At the same time the course is aimed at providing employability and lively hood to the marginal sections of  the community.