P.R. Govt. College Autonomous Old Students’ Association

  Chapter I - Memberships

Section 1 :There shall be two classes of membership in theAssociation.

1) Life Membership : Old students, who have studied in P.R.Govt. College, Kakinada and this group shall have voting right.

2) Honorary Membership :

a) The principal, P.R.Govt. College, Kakinada.

 Section 2 :As here in after used the term member shall refer toany one in the foregoing classification of membership. All the members with the exception of Honorary shall have the voting right.

 Section 3 :All applications in prescribed form shall be submittedto the Secretary, who will place them before the next meeting of the executive committee which will take decisions regarding admission of membership.

  Chapter - II :Administration & Management

 Section 4 :

 The administration, direction & management of the affairs of the Association shall be entrusted to the executive committee consisting of one President, one Vice President, one secetary, one Joint Secretary, one Treasurer and ten members.

  1.  These members shall be elected at the Annual General Body Meeting and shall hold office for two years or until their sucessors assume office.
  2. The executive committee shall be elected from the members having the voting right.
  3.  Not more than one of the offices of president, Vice-president, secreary or Treasurer shall be held by the same individuals. (No member should hold more than one exective post)
  4.  The quorum of the exective committee shall consist of five members and any resolution of the committee shall not be passed unless the motion shall have atleast four asserting votes.
  5.  If the president is absent from Kakinada, his powers and duties shall be exercised and performed by the Vice-President present in Kakinada.
  6.  If the Treasurer is absent from Kakinada or is on leave, the president may designate a member of the executive committee to exercise the powers and perform the duties of the treasurer.
  7.  If office of the secretary becomes vacant, the joint secretary will exercise the powers and perform the duties of Secertary in the absence of Secertary. In case the joint secretary post is vacant, one of the executive member can be designated as Joint Secretary by the President.
  8.  If the posts of Secretary and Joint Secretary fall vacant, the president of the Association may designate a member of the executive committee to perform the duties of the Secretary and other member as Joint secertary.
  9.  The president shall appoint one or more editors as he thinks fit to organise the old students Section in the College Magazine and Journals etc.
  10.  No person shall hold office consecutively for more than two terms.

Section 5 :The powers and duties of the executive committee shallbe as follows.

  1.  To manage the affairs of the association and for such purpose to make such regulations as may to them appear conducive to the good administration of the Association and the attainment of the objects of its foundation; provided always that such regulations be not inconsistent with anything contained in these rules, that they be reported to the next annual general meeting for the information of the members and that they be subjet to rescission, or alternation by the general body meeting.
  2.  To consider in the first instance, all communications addressed to the academy, to decide which of such communications shall be submitted to a general body meeting and to determine the other and manner of such submission.
  3.  To supervise and direct all the publications of the Assoiation.
  4.  To appoint as many salaried officers, clerks or servants as they may deem necessary, to define their duties, allowences, salaries gratuities and privilegees and to suspend or dismiss them, or dispense with their services as the services as the situation requires and to report all such actions to the next general body meeting.
  5.  To prepare and submit to the annual general body meeting or report on the general conerns of the acadmy, such report shall set forth the income & expenditure for financial year of the Association, the balance in hand, the debts and assets, the estimated income and expediture of the succeeding year and the general progress of the Association. The report shall also include an abstract of the proceedings of the executive committee during the year.
  6. In conformity with the provisions of the Registration Act No. 35/2001/section 24 & 25 under which the Association has been regitered, the exeecutive committee shall be empowered subject to the sanction an ordinary general meeting, to leave legal proceedings under the Act for recovery of any sums due from a member on account of subscription, books manuscripts or any other property of the Association in case any member after receving due notice of his liablities, shall refuse or fail to discharge them.
  7.  To arrange for the establishment of reciprocal relations between the Association and other learned bodies in India.
  8.  To constituse and control such administrative and specialist committee as may be required to facilitate the work of the academy. Such committee may constitute sub-committees.

 Section - 6 :The powers and Duties of the President shall be asfollows:

  1.  To preside over all meetings of the Association and of the executive committee and to regulate the proceedings of such meetings.
  2. To ensure due effect being given to the rules of Association and to the regulations made by the executive committee under section (a)
  3.  To supervise overall the affairs of the Association.
  4.  The President shall be the legal custodian of the Association. He/She can sue or can be sued. Kakinada shall be the legal jurisdiction of the Association.

 Section 7 :The duties of the Vice President shall be as follows:

 In the absence of President the Vice-President shall preside over the meetings of the General Body and Executive Committee and Perform all the duties of the President.

Section 8: The duties of the Secretary shall as follows:

  1.  To conduct correspondence of the Association and to sign letters and papers concerning the Association.
  2.  To attend the meetings of the Association and of the executive committee; to keep a record of the proceedings of such meetings during their progress; and at the commencement of every such meeting, to read out the minutes of the previous meetings unless they are taken as read with the consent of the President.
  3.  To prepear for submission to the annual general body meeting a list of the members, corrected to the end of the previous year.
  4.  To enter or cause to be entered, in the minutes book all the proceedings of the Association and of the executive committee before the following meeting and to see that all letters and papers and documents of every kind connected with the business of the Association are properly filed and preserved.
  5.  To be Ex-officio member of the committees appointed by the executive committee.
  6.  Secretary along with the Treasure shall jointly operate all the bank transactions.

 Section 9 :Duties of Joint Secretary.

 In the absence of Secretary, the joint Secretary shall perform all the duties of the Secretary and will function as Secreary.

 Section 10 :The dutiesof the Treasurer shall be as follows:

  1.  To receive and hold for the use of the Association, all moneys paid to the Association. He shall disburse all sums due from the Association and shall keep exact accounts of all such receipt and payments. Disbursement exceeding Rs.1000/- shall be made only by order of the exeevutive committee under signature of the President of the meeting at which the order was passed.
  2.  To be responsible for the preparation of the annual statement of accounts and of the budget and for the presentation thereof to the executive committee.

 Sections 11: The duties of the Executive Members.

 The Executive Members will be in charges of Cultural,Sports, and scientific activities and to enroll new members, and to co-operate with the Secertary and treasurer in other matters pertaining to the association.

 Sections 12: Meetings of the association

 General Body of the Association shall be of two kinds namely.

  1.  Annual General Body Meeting.
  2.  Extraordinary General Body Meeting.

 The exective committee shall meet ordinarily once in three months. Secretary shall issue notices of meeting with the approval of the President. The meeting may also be called by a requisition of atlest five members of the executive committee.

 Section 13: All officers shall be elected at the Annual General BodyMeeting or at extraordinary general body meeting in case of resignation of the exccutive body and shall assume office immediately thereafter.

 Section 14 :Social functions and the business sessions of theAssociation shall be open to all the members.


 Section 15

  1.  Funds for meeting the exepenses of the academy shall be raised by subscriptions and donations. No financial obligations of the Association, however small, may be incurred by any one or group of members, except upon prior authorisation of the executive committee and disbursement by the treasurer may be made only upon prior authorisation of the executive committee except in emergency which will be decided by the excutive committee.
  2.  Life membership subscription will be kept in fixed deposit and only the interest accumulated on it will be spent for day-to day administration.
  3.  The funds shall be spent only for the achieving the objects of the Association and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred either directly or indirectly to any of its members through any means. 

Section 15-A :

The Bank accounts and fixed deposits and any otherfinancial accounts will be maintained both by the Secretary and Treasurer. When there is a change of persons the signatures of the new office bearers will be duly attested by the president which wil be forwarded to the Bank for authorisation to maintain the account. The Secretary and Treasurer are held responsible for the accounts in addition to their other duties as mentioned in the Section 8 and 10 of Chapter II.

 Section 15 B :The fiscal year of the Association shall be from 1stJanuary to 31st December of every calendar year.

  Chapter-IV :Subsciption

 Section 16 : The life membership subscription shall be Rs.1,000/-Honoray member is exempted from paying subscription.

  Chapter-V : GENERAL

 Section 17 :If for any meeting, President and Vice-President areabsent, any member of the general body that is present shall be elected as president for the meeting to conduct the proceedings of that meeting only.

 Section 18 :Dissolution.

 In the event of dissolution of the Association, all the remaining funds and assets will be transferred to any other Institution having similar objects and aims or assets may be settled as per the resolution of General Body specially called for to transact such business.

 Section 19: We the undersigned certify that this is the correct copyof the Bylaws of the P.R. Govt. College Autonomus Old Students Association ‘PRGCAOSA’ Kakinada, Andhra Prades

P.R. Government College Autonomous Old Student’sAssociation, Kakinada

  Amendments Made During A.G.M. of 2011 Dated : 18-12-2011.

No. Present Clauses

Amended Clauses

  1. Article V, Clause VII

General Body shall have power to add, amend, repeal, cancel or annul from time to time any of the purposes for which the Association is started or established as contained in clause 3 of Memorandum of Association in accordance with the procedure laid under provisions of the Societies Registration Act.

Any of the clauses of this By laws may be altered, amended, added or deleted subject to prior approval of the jurisdictional Income Tax Authorities

  1. Sec-18 Dissolution : in the event ofdissolution of the Association, all the remaining funds and assets will be transferred to any other Institution having similar objects and aims or assets may be settled as per the resolution of General Body specially called for to transact such business.

Dissolution :In the event ofdisscolution of the association there remaind after satisfaction of all debits and liabilities, any properties whatsoever the same shall not be paid or distributed among the members of the association and shall be transferred to any other association with similar objects and aims, which has been recognized by the Income Tax Authorities as registered of under section 12A of the Income Tax Act, as determined by the Department.

  1. Sec 15B the fiscal year of the association shall be from 1st January to 31st December of every calendar year.

The accounts shall be closed every year on 31st March.

Sd/- Secretary

P.R.G. College Old Students Association, Kakinada-4