Research Collaborations

Initiatives taken by the institution for collaboration with other research organizations and industry:

Linkages of the institution for research and extension:

The faculty members interact with the HOD's of the research institutes and industry in the execution of research projects. The faculty members visited the following institutes for their research. Efforts are being made to make collaborative arrangements with the institutes


Memorandum of understanding (MoU)
The departments has got Memorandum of understanding with "SOLAR SYSTEMS" Kakinada which is building solar panels. They are giving training to our students in fixing solar panels and their working in East Godavari dist.
The department has also got Memorandum of under standing with "ANDHRA ELECTRONICS' Kakinada. Our students are doing small projects with the co-operation of this company.
The department has got linkages with "Government High School for deaf", Sambmurthy nagar, Kakinada. Our students are giving demonstration to science practical experiments to those students

List of the organizations and the nature of linkage and expected outcomes:

Faculty Member

Name of the organization

Out come

Dr. P.V.S.Machiraju

National institute of Hydrology Kakinada

Acting as Principal investigator for a UGC sponsored Minor Research Project and having collaboration and Linkage with Dr.Y.R.Satyaji Rao, Head and Scientist as Co- Investigator.


A.P. Pollution Control Board

Working in close association with AP pollution control board and monitoring the pollution levels in and around Kakinada.