Centralised Instrumentation Facility

Central Instrumentation Centre:

With a view to encourage faculty members and students a Central Instrumentation Centre was established with necessary facilities. It provides an opportunity to faculty and students to carry out their research programmes. Besides this, it provides formal and informal consultancy services also. The instrumentation centre is provided with equipment like UV-Spectrophotometer, Air Analyses monitor, Cooling centrifuge for DNA extraction, Spectrophotometer, Hot plates, Distillation units, digital pH and EC meters, chromatography columns, vacuum pumps, hot oven, incubators etc.
Proposals for opening Research Centre has been submitted to Andhra University, Visakhapatnam and the proposal in under active consideration. Dr.P.V.S.Machiraju, L/Chemistry is recognized as Co-Research Director by Andhra University, Visakhapatnam in Organic Chemistry.
The centre also provides facilities to carryout student projects in the fields of Biology & Physical Sciences. The instrumentation centre is being supported by the financial assistance of UGC-CPE Grants and BSR grants of the college.