Socially Disadvanced Groups(HEPSN)

Practices have been taken up by the institution to provide access to students from the following sections of the society:

a) Socially-backward
b) Economically-weaker and
c) Differently-abled
Socially backward: All norms set up by the government for fulfilling reservation policy for socially backward students are followed during admissions.
Economically backward: The college gives preference to economically weaker students during admissions. The fee structure for self finance courses is low, compared to that in other institutions in the city. The college strictly follows government rules of reservation policy. Financial support is provided to students through various scholarships and through the students poor boys/ welfare fund allotted from special fee collected from students.
Differently-abled: are preferentially admitted and given extra attention and care to enable them pass the exams. Regular counselling is done to boost their moral confidence in facing life in future.

Institution has a mechanism to record the incremental academic growth of the students admitted from the disadvantaged sections: