Other Activities

Initiatives have been taken up by the institution to promote best practices in the institution:

1) A systematic planning, implementation monitoring and evaluation programme is adopted for curricular and extracurricular activities.
2) Every dept. takes up initiatives to promote best practices in teaching learning, Research, & extension.
3) Extension services like NSS/NCC and sports initiate best practices.
4) Continuous supervision by the Principal ensures that the best practices are implemented institutionalized and improvised.
5) Reviewing the practices for effective implementation.
6) Conducting sensitizing programmes on certain aspects of best practices.
7) Celebration of National & state festivals.
8) Celebration of Teacher’s Day
9) Celebration of Women’s week
10) Celebration of Birthdays of profounder of scientists / social workers etc.

Intervention strategies have been adopted by the institution to promote overall development of the students from rural/ tribal background:

1) A considerable number of students are from Kakinada rural and nearby villages.
2) Since the fee charged is affordable, many students from a rural background are able to get admission in this institution.
3) Students from a rural background generally lack competency in English language, spoken skills and self confidence, Special efforts are made to boost their morale and impart necessary skills.
4) Many programmes including counseling sessions are being organized for their personality development, career guidance, and higher studies, employment opportunities etc.
5) Teacher counselors mainly focus on slow learners and address their needs. Conducting Bridge courses, Tutorial classes and Remedial courses