Health Center

Health centre:

The institution has a health centre. The Dist. Government general hospital is at a stone’s throw to the college. In case of emergency the students / faculty can be taken to the hospital. However the college conducts periodic general medical checkup of students. Health records are maintained. Apart from regular checkup, medical camps are conducted in the campus for specific purposes viz. Skin diseases, Gynecology problems, Opthomological and Gastro intestinal problems etc.

Health care facilities are provided by the health centre:

The health centre is provided with Rs. 30,000/- allotted from special fee collected. The amount is spent for regular checkup and for the purchase of few medicines. The health centre is equipped with cot, bed stands for saline equipment, curtains, water facility, first aid and other minimum requirements are met from the funds allotted. One of the doctors (Alumni) also donated certain routine medicines for students and faculty.