College Committees


The Principal is pleased to constitute the following Committees for the academic year 2016-17 to carry out various activities entrusted to the committees

I.      Admission Committee


        1.   Sri. Dr. P. SUBHASHINI            L/MATHS        Convener

        2.   Sri. K.ANJANEYULU - Vice Principal                  L/PHILOSOPHY            Member

        3.   T.T.VIJAYA PRASAD             L/ COMMERCE                 Member

        4.   E.V.S.SUBRAHMANYAM                  L/CHEMISTRY                Member

        5.   Dr. K.V. SOBHA RANI                  COMP. Appl            Member

        6.   Smt. R. NEERAJA                            SUPERINTENDENT                 Member

II.     Calendar  Committee


        1.   Sri. E.V.S. SUBRAHMANYAM   L/CHEMISTRY             Convener

        2.   Sri. T.T. VIJAYA PRASAD          L/COMMERCE             Member

        3.   V.SRINIVASA RAO           L/ENGLISH                 Member

        4.   Sri. P.V.V. SATYANARAYANA     L/POLITICS      Member

        5.   Smt. R.NEERAJA              SUPERINTENDENT                   Member

III.     Time -Table Committee


        1.   Dr. P. SUBHASHINI              L/MATHS                Convener

        2.   Dr. V. ANANTHA LAKSHMI                 L/MATHS                 Member

        3.   T.T.VIJAYA PRASAD            L/COMMERCE                Member

        4.   V.CHITTI BABU                  L/ECONOMICS         Member

IV.    Anti-Raggaing Committee


        1.   K. AMMANNA CHOWDARY                    PHYSICAL DIRECTOR    Convener

        2.   K. ANJANEYULU-Vice Principal           L/PHILOSOPHY             Member

        3.   Dr.B. ELIA                L/ZOOLOGY                  Member

        4.   V.SRINIVASA RAO                  L/ENGLISH             Member

        5.   Dr. K.SUBHASHINI           L/ECONOMICS                 Member

        6.   K. JAYADEV                             L/PHYSICS                 Member

V.  Academic Audit Committee


        1.   K. ANJANEYULU-Vice Principal                L/PHILOSOPHY                Convener

        2.   Dr. P. SUBHASHINI    L/MATHS             Member

        3.   Sri. E.V.S.SUBRAHMANYAM           L/CHEMISTRY            Member

        4.   Dr. A. SRINIVASA RAO                  L/BOTANY         Member




VI.  Libary Committee & Reading Room Committee


        1.   Sri. P.V.V. SATYANARAYANA    L/POLITICS        Convener

        2.   Lecturer in-charge of all Departments                      Member

        3.   One Student each from I,II,III years                          Member


VII.  Examination Committee (to conduct internal, semester & Other   Exams)


        1.   K. ANJANEYULU-Vice Principal                    L/PHILOSOPHY        Convener

        2.   Dr. P. SUBHASHINI                            L/MATHS                Member

        3.   P.V. KRISHNA RAO     L/ENGLISH    Member

        4.   P.V.V. SATYANARAYANA                       L/POLITICS             Member

        5.   Dr. B. ELIA                       L/ZOOLOGY             Member


VIII.  Campus Maintenance Committee

        1.   Sri. V. CHITTI BABU                   L/ECONOMICS            Convener

        2.   B. AHAMED ALI BABA      L/ZOOLOGY    Member

        3.   B. SRINIVASA RAO                       L/ECONOMICS              Member

        4.   P.V.V. SATYANARAYANA               L/POLITICS                  Member

        5.   V. MALLIKARJUNA SARMA                 L/CHEMISTRY            Member

        6.   Dr. J. PANDURANGA RAO          COMMERCE      Member

        7.   K. AMMANNA CHOWDARY                      PHYSICAL DIRECTOR                 Member

IX.  Research Committee


        1.   Dr. M.M. PACHA                      L/CHEMISTRY             Convener

        2.   Dr. V. ANANTHA LAKSHMI            L/MATHS            Member

        3.   Dr. P. SUBHASHINI              L/MATHS                  Member

        4.   Dr.A. SRINIVASA RAO                  L/BOTANY         Member

        5.   Dr. N. SRINIVAS                  L/ZOOLOGY                Member

        6.   Dr. P. HARI RAM PRASAD              L/HINDI      Member

        7.   Dr.K.SUBHASHINI                     L/ECONOMICS                 Member

        8.   Dr. K.V. SOBHARANI                   COMP Appl                 Member

        9.   Dr. J. PANDURANGA RAO                   L/ COMMERCE                 Member


X.  Student Welfare Committee


        1.   V.SRINIVASA RAO Prasad             L/ENGLISH            Convener

        2.   Sri. E.V.S. SUBRAHMANYAM    L/CHEMISTRY             Member

        3.   T. VARA PRASAD          L/CHEMISTRY                 Member

        4.   Dr. A. SRINIVASA RAO             L/BOTANY                  Member

        5.   Sri. P.V. KRISHNA RAO            L/ENGLISH                  Member

        6.   B. SRINIVASA RAO                    L/ECONOMICS         Member

        7.   U.V.B.B. KRISHNA PRASAD                L/PHYSICS             Member

        8.   Dr. K.V. SOBHARANI                L/COMP Appl     Member

        9.   K. AMMANNA CHOWDARY            PHYSICAL DIRECTOR                Member

XI.  Audio Visural Education & MANA T.V. Committee


        1.   Sri. U.V.B.B. KRISHNA PRASAD    L/PHYSICS               Convener

        2.   K.VENKATESWARA RAO            L/PHYSICS                Member

        3.   Sri. B. ELIA                            L/ZOOLOGY                 Member

        4.   A. SIMHADRI            L/PHYSICS            Member

        5.   K. JAYADEV                   L/PHYSICS           Member


XII.   UGC Committee


        1.   Dr. P. HARI RAM PRASAD           L/HINDI                Convener

        2.   Dr. V. ANANTHA LAKSHMI           L/MATHS            Member

        3.   E.V.S.SUBRAHMANYAM            L/CHEMISTRY                Member

        4.   Dr.A. SRINIVASA RAO                   L/BOTANY         Member

        5.   Dr.K.SUBHASHINI               L/ECONOMICS                  Member

        6.   Dr. J. PANDURANGA RAO                   L/COMMERCE           Member

        7.   Smt. R. NEERAJA       SUPERINTENDENT         Member


XIII.  Teacher Counsellor and Attendance Consolidation Committee


        1.   Dr. J. PANDURANGA RAO           L/COMMERCE                Convener

        2.   B. AHAMED ALI BABA            L/ZOOLOGY                    Member

        3.   P.V.V. SATYANARAYANA           L/POLITICS       Member

        4.   V. MALLIKARJUNA SARMA          L/CHEMISTRY               Member


XIV.  Student Counselling and Career Guidance & Placement Committee


        1.   V.SRINIVASA RAO                   L/ENGLISH                 Convener

        2.   E.V.S.SUBRAHMANYAM                L/CHEMISTRY                                   Member

        3.   V.CHITTI BABU         L/ECONOMICS                                    Member

        4.   M. LAKSHMAN DAS                          L/MATHS                                        Member

        5.   Dr. B. ELIA                  L/ZOOLOGY                                    Member

        6.   Dr. J. PANDURANGA RAO                  L/COMMERCE                                    Member


XV.  Student Grievance & Appeal Committee


        1.   Sri. V.SRINIVASA RAO          L/ENGLISH               Convener

        2.   Sri. T.T.VIJAYA PRASAD        L/COMMERCE            Member

        3.   Sri. K. NARASIMHA RAO              L/POLITICS               Member

        4.   Sri. Dr. P. SUBHASHINI         L/MATHS                   Member

        5.   Sri. M. LAKSHMAN DAS                  L/MATHS               Member

        6.   Sri. D. RAMARAO                  L/CHEMISTRY                Member

        7.   Sri. Dr. K.V. SOBHARANI       Comp Appl        Member


XVI.  B.C. Welfare Committee to monitor BC students scholarships


        1.   K. NARASIMHA RAO           L/POLITICS                   Convener

        2.   Sri. Dr. Ch. B. MENON         L/HINDI                    Member

        3.   Sri. K.S.N MURTHY                  L/COMMERCE                 Member

        4.   Sri. P.V. KRISHNA RAO                      L/ENGLISH                Member

        5.   Sri. U.V.B.B. KRISHNA PRASAD    L/PHYSICS               Member

        6.   Sri. A. SIMHADRI         L/PHYSICS                Member

        7.   Sri. Dr.K.SUBHASHINI         L/ECONOMICS                Member


XVII. S.C. Welfare Committee to monitor SC student’s scholarships

        1.    Sri. K. ANJANEYULU-Vice Principal               L/PHILOSOPHY              Convener

        2.   Sri. V.CHITTI BABU               L/ECONOMICS                   Member

        3.   Sri Dr. P. SUBHASHINI              L/MATHS                Member

        4.   Sri Dr. P. HARI RAM PRASAD                 L/HINDI                    Member

        5.   Sri. D. RAMARAO                 L/CHEMISTRY                Member

        6.   Sri. K.JAYADEV                 L/CHEMISTRY                Member


XVIII. Co-Curricular & Cultural Activities Committee


        1.   Sri. D. RAMARAO                 L/CHEMISTRY                Convener

        2.   Sri B. NAYOMI               L/ENGLISH            Member

        3.   Sri. B.AHMAD ALI BABA                   L/ZOOLOGY                Member

        4.   Sri. Dr. P. HARI RAM PRASAD       L/HINDI                   Member

        5.   Sri P.V.V. SATYANARAYANA             L/POLITICS               Member

        6.   Smt. U.V.B.B. KRISHNA PRASAD        L/PHYSICS                    Member

        7.   Sri. Dr. K.V. SOBHARANI               COMP Appl                   Member


XIX. Women Empowerment Committee

        1.   Dr. P. SUBHASHINI              L/MATHS              Convener

        2.   Dr. V. ANANHA LAKSHMI   L/MATHS            Member

        3.   Smt. B. NAYOMI                  L/ENGLISH                    Member

        4.   Dr.K.SUBHASHINI                 L/ECONOMICS            Member

        5.   Dr. K.V. SOBHARANI              COMP Appl            Member


XX. Student Aid Fund Committee


        1.   Sri. V. MALLIKARJUNA SARMA        L/CHEMISTRY                   Convener

        2.   Sri. P.V.V. SATYANARAYANA               L/POLITICS                   Member

        3.   B. SRINIVASA RAO                L/ECONOMICS                    Member

        4.   Sri. U.V.B.B. KRISHNA PRASAD         L/PHYSICS                    Member

        5.   Sri. Dr. B. ELIA        L/ZOOLOGY                    Member

        6.   Sri Dr. J. PANDURANGA RAO         L/COMMERCE               Member


XXI. Medical Inspection Committee


        1.   Sri T. VARA PRASAD                     L/CHEMISTRY                Convener

        2.   Sri K. NARASIMHA RAO        L/POLITICS       Member

        3.   Sri B. SRINIVASA RAO       L/ECONOMICS         Member

        4.   Sri P. V. KRISHNA RAO         L/ENGLISH                   Member

        5.   Sri A. SIMHADRI         L/A. SIMHADRI               Member


XXII. Magazine & News Letter Committee

        1.   Sri V. SRINIVASA RAO            L/ENGLISH                    Convener

        2.   E.V.S. SUBRAHMANYAM            L/CHEMISTRY                     Member

        3.   P.V. KRISHNA RAO                  L/ENGLISH                 Member

        4.   Dr. P. HARI RAM PRASAD                          L/HINDI                    Member

        5.   Sri. P.V.V. SATYANARAYANA   L/POLITICS       Member

        6.   Sri. Dr. J. PANDURANGA RAO   L/COMMERCE       Member

        7.   3 Student members one from each year.


XXIII. Student's Profile  Committee & Maintaining Data base

        1.   Sri. M. LAKSHMAN DAS         L/MATHS           Convener

        2.   Sri Dr.A. SRINIVASA RAO                 L/BOTANY              Member

        3.   Sri P.V. KRISHNA RAO          L/ENGLISH               Member

        4.   Sri V. MALLIKARJUNA SARMA                      L/CHEMISTRY                Member

        5.   Sri. U.V.B.B. KRISHNA PRASAD    L/PHYSICS                   Member

        6.   Sri Dr.K.SUBHASHINI             L/ECONOMICS                   Member

        7.   RAYUDU SIVAKUMAR           JUNIOR ASSISTANT       Member


XXIV. Stationery and Printing Committee


       1.    Sri Dr.A. SRINIVASA RAO            L/BOTANY         Convener

       2.    Sri M. LAKSHMAN DAS                    L/MATHS                Member

       3.    Sri U.V.B.B. KRISHNA PRASAD                      L/PHYSICS             Member

       4.    Smt. R. NEERAJA               SUPERINTENDENT            Member


XXV. Eco-Club Committee

       1.    Sri Dr. M.M. PACHA                   L/CHEMISTRY             Convener

       2.    Sri Dr. A. SRINIVASA RAO                 L/BOTANY             Member

       3.    Sri Dr. B. ELIA                  L/ZOOLOGY             Member

       4.    Sri Dr. N. SRINIVAS      L/ZOOLOGY             Member

     11.    3 Student Representatives one from each year.


XXVI. LEAD INDIA - 2020 FORUM Committee

       1.    Sri P.V.KRISHNA RAO            L/ENGLISH             Convener

       2.    Sri Dr. N. SREENIVAS                L/ZOOLOGY                  Member

       3.    Sri B. AHMAD ALI BABA              L/ZOOLOGY           Member

       4.    Sri B. SRINIVASA RAO           L/ECONOMICS                Member

       5.    Sri K. JAYA DEV              L/PHYSICS            Member


XXVII. Website Maintenance Committee


       1.    Dr. M.M. PACHA              L/CHEMISTRY      Convener

       2.    Dr. A. SRINIVASA RAO                    L/BOTANY         Member        

       3.    P.V.V. SATYANARAYANA             L/POLITICS                 Member

       4.    V. MALLIKARJUNA SARMA           L/CHEMISTRY                Member

       5.    Dr. K.V. SOBHARANI                            COMP Appl                Member

       6.    J. PANDU RANGA RAO             L/COMMERCE                  Member


XXVIII. Endowment Prizes Committee

       1.    Sri Dr. V. ANANTHA LAKSHMI            L/MATHS     Convener

       2.    Sri B. AHMAD ALI BABA     L/ZOOLOGY     Member        

       3.    Sri T. VARA PRASAD            L/CHEMISTRY                  Member

       4.    Sri K. VENKATESWARA RAO           L/PHYSICS                 Member        


XXIX. Red Ribbon Club


       1.    Sri. K. NARASIMHA RAO        L/POLITICAL SCIENCE              Convener

       2.    NSS Officers of all 3 Units                                            Members

       3.    NCC Officers of all 4 Units                                            Members                     



XXX. Press Publication Committee

       1.    Sri E.V.S. SUBRAHMANYAM    L/CHEMISTRY             Convener

       2.    Sri V. SRINIVASA RAO              L/ENGLISH                 Member

       3.    Sri P.V.V. SATYANARAYANA                   L/POLITICS           Member


XXXI. Science Association


       1.    Sri DR. V.ANANTHA LAKSHMI     L/MATHS             Convener

       2.    Sri DR. M.M. PACHA                    L/CHEMISTRY             Member

       3.    Sri.  Sri DR. N. SRINIVAS                  L/ZOOLOGY                Member

       4.    Sri K. VENKATESWARA RAO            L/PHYSICS                Member

       5.    Sri DR.K.V.SOBHA RANI            Comp science                Member


XXXII. Games & Sports      


       1.    Sri K. AMMANNA CHOWDARY         PHYSIC AL DIRECTOR      Convener

       2.    P.V.V. SATYANARAYANA                    L/POLITICAL SCIENCE                 Member                    

       3.    DR. B. ELIA          L/ZOOLOGY                Member

       4.    K. SIMHADRI                            L/PHYSICS                Member

       5.    DR. J. PANDU RANGA RAO                       L/COMMERCE             Member        


XXXIII. Equal Opportunities Centre


       1.    Sri DR. M.M. PACHA           L/CHEMISTRY                Convener

       2.    Sri K.S.N. MURTHY           L/COMMERCE         Member

       3.    Sri V. SRINIVASA RAO           L/ENGLISH                Member        

       4.    Sri V. CHITTI BABU      L/ECONOMICS                Member


XXXIV. General DisciplineCommittee


       1.    K. AMMANNA CHOWDARY                 PHYSCIAL DIRECTOR       Convener

       2.    K. ANJANEYULU              VICE PRINCIPAL               Member

       3.    V. SRINIVASA RAO     L/ENGLISH                    Member

       4.    Dr. Ch. B. MENON          L/HINDI       Member                    

       5.    DR. P. SUBHASHINI   L/MATHS                     Member                    

       6.    B. AHMED ALI BABA        L/ZOOLOGY      Member

       7.    DR. J. PANDU RANGA RAO                L/COMMERCE               Member

       8.    V. MALLIKARJUNA SARMA          L/CHEMISTRY               Member

       9.    V. CHITTI BABU                 L/ECONOMICS            Member                    

       10.    U.V.B.B. KRISHNA PRASAD           L/PHYSICS       Member