Outreach programmes organized by the institution & integration with the academic curricular:

The extension activities of the college are carried out by 5 NSS units, 3 NCC wings, Youth Red Cross and ECO club. The activities are planned over the entire academic year. Students participate actively in serving the community in case of natural calamities like floods, cyclones and fire accidents etc. They extend their helping hand in organizing pulse polio programme, AIDs awareness, on 1st December and filarial eradication programme on 9th November every year. All the 5 units participated in special camps organized during the last 5 years.
1. The ECO club works periodically to bring environmental awareness in the community. The club observes the following days of National importance every year.
2. Celebration of World Environment Day on 5th June in collaboration with A.P Pollution control board.
3. Bhopal Gas Tragedy Day on 3rd December every year in collaboration with A.P Pollution control board.
4. International Coastal Cleanup Day on 10th feb in collaboration with A.P Pollution control board and Coast Guard. Awareness Programme was given to students of college about the oil spill at sea. Movies about the rescue operation were also shown. A batch of 250 students along with 5 faculty members attended the event at kakinada beach on 10-2-2010. Transportation facility and refreshments to the students were sponsored by Reliance India Ltd. Cairn Energy and GSPL companies.
5. National Chemistry Day was observed by dept. of Chemistry on 10th December 2009. High school students are motivated towards science education. Essay writing competitions and elocution competitions were conducted.
6. National Science Day exhibition was organized on 28-2-2010 / 3-3-2010. About 600 High school students visited the exhibits arranged by science departments. Best exhibits were given prizes on college day 9-3-2010.
Thus the Extension Activities are part of the curriculum.

College promote institution-neighbourhood network in which students acquire service training, which contribute to sustained community development:

NSS units work in village environment during special camps in which health awareness programs, spreading of literacy, guest lecturers on women empowerment, environmental awareness, legal awareness etc are arranged.

Special cleanliness drives in adopted villages are also taken up. During these programme they get educated about the requirements of the society and thus can contribute to the sustained community development in adopted villages and slum areas of the town.





24th September



Fruits distributed to poor people.

Plantation programme

Clean and Green programme.

Blood donation camp


DEC tablets Distribution

Belldona pills distribution



Organized advocacy meeting to all the principal’s in East Godavari Dist.

31-10-06 to 2-11-06 & 3-11-0 to 5-11-06.

Conducted training classes to the nodal lecturers on Aids awareness for 6days.


National youth day and youth exchange programme was organized at P.R.G.C. Kakinada. Colleges from other part of the district participated.


Milk & Bread distributed to the poor old people in Ramanayyapet village


Fruits distributed in Sambamurthi nagar to physically handicapped girl students.

175 Red Ribbon clubs started in 175 colleges in the district to organize blood donation and health awareness programmes.



Blood donation camp organized 105 students donated blood.

10-7-07 to 25-7-2007

Yoga & Fitness training to all students.


June 2008 to September 2008.

Organized 4 blood donation camps.

24-01-2009 to 31-01-2009

Campus cleaning.


31-01-09 to 06-02-10

Unit-I special camp at S.Atchutaparam

08-02-10 to 14-02-10

Unit-IV & V special camp at Valasapakala & Vakalapudi.

10-02-10 to 16-02-10.

Chollangi Agraharam and Chollangi peta. Special camp by Unit-II & III.

Institution promote the participation of the students and faculty in extension activities of NSS, NCC, YRC and other NGOs:

Students of NSS, NCC, YRC, work to beautify the college campus. They work as per the schedule given to the respective programme officers. Students are given special leave during special campaigning programmes. Best volunteers are recognized and honored with a special prize and certificate.

Research or extension work to ensure social justice and to empower under-privileged sections in particular, women and children:

Extension activities like free coaching classes, computer literacy, pulse polio vaccination, awareness drive on women empowerment, child labour eradication, blood donation camps, distribution of medicines during health camps ensure social justice. NSS officers visit the adopted villages to identify their dire needs with the help of local authorities. They contemplate to adopt cluster of villages to provide drinking water facility with the UGC assistance under CPE scheme.

Impact of extension on the community:

The NSS units of the college organize special camps in the adopted villages. During these camps various awareness campaigns on polio eradication, filaria eradication, AIDS awareness, general sanitation the need for compulsory education of children, child labor prohibition. Anti smoking, anti liquor were organized which have a positive impact on community.

The village sarpanch, volunteers involve in the activity and make use of the services of NSS volunteers for productive/constructive work during the campaign days.