National Service Scheme (NSS):

All the Students of Degree Classes are eligible to join the National Service Scheme as volunteers. The faculty incharges of NSS units are 1. Sri P.V. Kesava Raju, L/Zoology, unit I 2.Dr. P.V. Krishna Rao, L/Politics unit II, 3. Sri K.Anand, L/Chemistry, unit III, 4. Dr. P. Sukumar, L/Commerce, unit IV & 5. Sri K.S.N.Murthy, L/Commerce unit V
1. Number of units Five
2. Number of students 100 x 5 = 500
3. Meetings Held in 2009-10 Two
In the first meeting action plan approved to organize regular activities. The following major decisions taken and implemented.


Name of the item



Blood donation

5 camps organized Nearly 400 units of blood Donated.


Tree plantation

Plantation programme Organized along with Walkers club and Chiranjeevi blood donation Club , Kakinda.


Campus cleaning

Campus cleaning activity is organized by all units regularly.

In the second meeting all the units proposed to organize NSS special camp in the campus to beautify the campus.
4. Duties of NSS volunteers:
NSS volunteers should involve in all the awareness programs. Awareness programs must be organized in a calendar plan. (Integrated with curriculum of the college.)
Volunteers should involve in community health and awareness programmes, Rallies, Pulse polio immunization, Distribution of DEC tablets, Swyne flu prevention medicine distribution , other health and hygiene protection awareness campaign , socio economic surveys etc. All the above activities organized by two units in the last five years. III unit started in the year 2008-09 and IV & V units are also involved from this year 2009-10.
Surveys and frequent visits to the slum areas and villages
5. No. of programs organized in the last five years : 65
6. Achievements through Special camps by five units of the college:
Socio- economic survey organized. Identified the most important health problems
Volunteers got much information on practical problems of the people in different places.
7. Volunteers identified five major medical and health areas to organize medical camps:
Eye check-up and operations
Dental checkup
Children health camps
Gynic probles faced by women
Skin Diseases
8. Volunteers are habituated in group living , team spirit and community moving.
9. Volunteers exhibited their personal talents in cultural and literary areas.

Report from III unit:

This unit was started in January 2008-09

Activities 2009-10:

1. Antifileria campaign in collaboration with District Medical & Health Office(DM&HO) at Yetimoga and Ammannagati slums on 11th November and distributed DEC tablets.
2. Special camp conducted at Chollangi. Survey of Socio-economic status-creating awareness in sanitation and hygiene, dropouts identified.

Report from IV and V units:

These units were started in the year 2009-10.
No. of students Unit IV 100
No. Of Students Unit V 100


Plantation and Vanamahotsav week celebrations in college campus .
Sramadan programmes to level the college ground.
Participation in pulse polio programme along with local health staff
Leadereship training programmes
literacy camp, school drop out survey
AIDS awareness rallies
Health checkup camp
Chlorination of wells and tanks
Celebration of important days: Independence Day, Republic day, NSS Day, World AIDS Day, Rally On Anticorruption on 9-12-2009, Womens Day and Human rights Day
Sri. P.V. Krishna Rao NSS programme officer of the college received Best Programme Officer award from the District Collector, East Godavari on 26-1-2009.
Special camp on 2009-2010
Report on Regular Activities-2010-11
Report on Regular Activities-2009-10
NSS Activities 2011-12
Activities of Unit-III-2008-09
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