Courses Offered


B.A :

S.NoCourses of CombinationsMediumIntake
1Special Telugu, History, Politics (THP)Telugu30
2History, Economics, Philosophy (HEphil)Telugu20
3History, Economics, Ploitics (HEP)Telugu30
4History, Economics, Politics (HEP)English20
5Special English, Economics, Politics (EEP)English20

Restructured Courses

6Computers, Public Administration, EconomicsEnglish30

B.Com :

7B.Com (RCCS)Telugu60
8B.Com (RCCS)English30

Restructured Courses

9B.Com. Computer Applications (CA)Enlgish30


10Mathematics, Physics, ChemistryTelugu60
11Mathematics, Physics, ChemistryEnglish30
12Mathematics, Physics, ElectronicsEnglish30
13Botany, Zoology, ChemistryEnglish30
14Botany, Zoology, ChemistryTelugu60
15Acurial ScienceEnglish30

Restructured Courses

16Mathematics, Physics, Computer ScienceEnglish30
17Mathematics, Chemistry, PetrochemicalsEnglish30
18Biotechnology, Zoology, ChemistryEnglish30
19Microbiology, Botany, ChemistryEnglish30
20Mathematics, Electronics, Computer ScienceEnglish30
21Mathematics, Statistics, Computer ScienceEnglish30
22Biochemistry, Zoology, ChemistryEnglish30
23Mathematics, Chemistry, Computer ScienceEnglish30

B.Vocational Courses

50Retail ManagementEnglish50
25Commercial Aqua CultureEnglish50
26Web Technology & MultimediaEnglish50
27Analytical Techniques in PharmaceuticalsEnglish30


28M.Sc., Computer ScienceEnglish30
29M.Sc., Organic ChemistryEnglish30
30M.Sc., Analytical ChemistryEnglish30
31M.A., EconomicsEnglish30

Note :

For all courses from 01 to 22 in addition to the group combination subjects, the students should also take instruction in the following compulsory papers.

Part - 1 :

1. English
2. Telugu (or) Sanskrit (or) Hindi
3. Foundation course in fundamentals in computers (First Year) and computer skills and Environmental Studies (Second Year)