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Pithapur Rajah's College, Kakinada ranks among the earliest institutions of Higher Education in South India.  It is located in East Godavri District of Andhra Pradesh.   P.R.College was established in August, 1884 by Sri Rajah Rao Venkata Mahipathi , Gangadhara Rama Rao,  Bahadur.  First it was started as a middle school, and became a full fledged College.  The present District Central Library , Super Bazar and DEO's Office were part of P.R College campus once.

P.R College has two campuses, Science College campus is near main road and   Arts College Campus with sprawling grounds of nearly 28 acres is situated near Government General Hospital.  McLaren High School is on the eastern side, District Collectors Office, Zillaparishad and C B M School are on the western side of P.R College.  P.R College is the first college to encourage women's education with total exemption of fee for girl students.  Girl students were given many incentives to pursue their higher education.
In 1952, when the college was taken over by the Government, it became P.R Govt. college.  This century old college had its centenary celebrations in March, 1984. Considering the development of P.R Govt. College, UGC conferred autonomous status, with the concurrence of Andhra University and the approval of the Government of Andhra Pradesh. The college became autonomous with effect form the academic year 2000 -2001.  Citizens of Kakinada town  regard P.R.Govt. College as their precious possession
Kakinada is the head quarters of East Godavari District and it is located in the north coast of Andhra Pradesh.  The district boundaries are West Godavari, Visakhapatnam, Khammam district and the Bay of Bengal.  The District is known as " The rice bowl of Andhra Pradesh ". The lush green fields, thick mango grooves, and the coconut trees of this " Konaseema " district resembles Kerala.  The district has an area of 10,807 square kms with 5 Revenue divisions, 60 Revenue mandals and 1011 Grama panchayats with a population of 4,87,262.

 As an educational centre, Kakinada has many credits. Govt. Girl's Polytechnic of Kakinda is the first Girl's Polytechnic Institute established in Asia.   J N T U K university and Medical Colleges ,Andhra Polytechnic for Boy's, A S Govt. Women's College, are well known Government Educational Institutes.

 Kakinada is flanked by two of the five famous aramas, Kumaraarama at Samalkot and Draksharama which is  also known as Dakshina Kasi is 35  kms from Kakinada.  These temples reflect grandeur of Eastern Chalukyan architecture.  Konaseema consisting  a row of rich villages is connected by road to Kakinada.  Jagan Mohini temple at Ryali and Satyanarayana Swamy temple at Annavaram are famous pilgrim centres.

 Godavari basin is rich with oil resources. O N G C has its based at Rajahmundry, started drilling oil at different villages of East Godavari District.  Sir Arthur Cotton Architect of Godavari Barrage was adored by Delta people for divulging the river water for irrigation purpose.   Pithapuram which is 15 kms away from kakinada is known as seat of learning and ancient culture having famous Kukkuteswara temple which also known as Padagaya.

 Quite often cyclones hit this coastal town without causing devastations as the hope island in the sea protects and prevents the tidal waves hitting the shore.     Kakinada citizens and the people near by villages prefer to have their academic training at P.R Govt. College as the ideals of Maharaja in establishing the Institution  are being continued  till to date.

With all the support of every stakeholder the college is fulfilling its objectives and travelling towards College with Potential for Excellence status and waiting for final verdict from UGC.